Tuesday, May 29, 2012

RIP Dorothy May 13.6.1928 to 29.6.012.

The last of a generation. An extraordinary woman for her time. What a career as a teacher and school principal! What an outrageous laugh! What an ability to make you feel about 3 inches high, when warranted. I am sad at her passing, but somewhat relieved for her. She had been struggling so much over the last few weeks.
A great lady...

Dorothy was Eve and Harold's cousin, the daughter of Ernest May and May Ford Goreham. She had a sister called Barbara who was two years older, who died from a Mitral Stenosis in her 40s. Neither of the girls had children, a sad ending to a branch of the tree.
My reference to her teaching days, is that she was a teacher with the forces school in Hanover, Germany, and I visited her there in 1960 on my way back from staying with a pen friend in Hamburg (Graf Friedrich zu Castell-Rudenhausen). Later Dorothy became headmistress at Mitcham Primary School in Surrey, UK.